After upgrading my iPad to iPadOS 15.5, Safari became unusable. It would take forever to load the Reddit login page, and many others like Opening the same in Firefox Focus had no issues.

Going into Settings / Safari / Privacy & Security / Hide IP Address and disabling it fixed this for me. Alternatively you can disable it only for specific networks (Settings / Wi-Fi / ⓘ / Limit IP Address Tracing / Off).

It seems Apple turned on iCloud Private Relay on by default for Safari in iPadOS 15.5 and presumably iOS 15.5 as well. Macs are probably next.

I can only speculate why turning it off fixes the breakage, but:

  • The feature routes your calls through Akamai then CloudFlare, and for whatever reason CloudFlare doesn’t seem to like my ISP, I often encounter their “prove you are human” challenges.
  • It may also be because Apple overrides your DNS settings for this feature to work, and if your network is locked down with something like Pi-Hole to prevent trackers, those DNS requests may not be getting through. I don’t want IoT devices or the like to bypass my DNS server, which uses Wireguard to my Cloud VPN server to ensure my ISP cannot snoop on my DNS requests (a setup I believe more secure and private than Apple’s), nor CloudFlare, nor the UK Police State. I haven’t blocked DNS-over-HTTPS servers yet as this guy does but it’s on my list. This might be interfering with iCloud Private Relay.
  • It may also be sabotage, as Rui Carmo points out, or as John Oliver memorably calls it, “Cable Company F∗∗∗ery”.